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The Difference We Make


MB2 owner and key staff are all retiree or former military members who took a collection of ideas, aspirations, and promises, and turned them into a respected and reputable nonprofit organization for military veteran familes of Fallen Service-members (Survivor) and their respective families. Only through our experience, knowledge and compassion are we able to provide our exemplary service at no cost to our clients.


Transferring Knowledge into Action


Studies suggest that in many cases the onset of PTSD may occur months after the traumatic experience. We realize that while service members deploying and returning from deployment are provided debriefings and opportunities for psychological assistance prior to deployment and shortly after re-deployment; a large number of them pass on these opportunities. Often, they feel excited about being home with family and repress their emotional trauma. Studies show that many don’t experience the effect of PTSD until 3-6 months post deployment. This is around the same time that all the welcome home events have ended. Family and friend now expect individual to be “normal” or like before. The social stigma of needing psychological treatment further hinder those from getting needed help. They simply don’t want to admit or wont't let it be known that they may have issues. All the while the problems persist as the individual begin to feel boxed in with no since of direction, support or resources. This is when MB2 expect to engage the individuals with their transition workshop, with dedicated peer to peer “battle-buddy” relationship while remaining noninvasive during our direct support.


Fulfilling an Escalating Need


Reintegration into society can prove to be increasingly difficult for the post deployed warriors and their family. The Impact of transitioning from 12 years of combat, increased suicide, PTSD, is being felt on all levels of the military landscape as well as our nation as a whole. Untreated PTSD can lead to much longer physical and emotional distress, anti-social behavior, isolationism, substance abuse, depression, even suicide. The strain is increasing as more service members will be leaving the military during force reduction. Many veterans will return to communities where there is no traditional military resources available to them. Many veterans will experience feelings of isolation in communities with no familiarity with military life style, culture and traditions. Officials are coming to grips with an issue which may soon reach epidemic proportions if not properly addressed. MB2 is answering the call to help heal those who served and their families. MB2 goal is to rally a nation to take an active role in helping our military and their family reintegrate successfully into society after 12 plus years of sustained combat deployments.



Mission Battle-Buddy (MB2) objective is to assist the military departments in their ongoing effort to reverse the occurrence of suicide and lessen the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress, and other transitional issues on our service-members, veterans and their families. MB2 will provide an attractive and effective resource for assisting any Active Duty, Retiree, Veterans, Survivors and their families for as long as they desire. All service and support provided by MB2 will be at no cost to our clients.




MB2 offers a single point of contact for clients to locate needed resources, service and support.   MB2 Veteran Advocate (MVA) will advocate with agencies to address clients’ needs and locating resources for issue resolution.  MVA will assist with peer to peer networks and partnerships.  MB2 will create a program of sustainment for assisting America’s finest in their effort for a smooth transition back into home environment and family life.


Actively assist the effort to reverse current suicide trend,


MB2 goal is to assist in the effort to reduce the occurrence or impact of Post-Traumatic Stress among our clients.  We will provide training and awareness from recognized experts on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and ways of effective addressing these concerns.


MB2 will reinforce the military’s Soldier for life program, and post deployment transition through our Transition Workshop attendance at a time strategic to post deployment issue development.


  • Provides an attractive opportunity to reengage service members through personal wellness training, and clinical referral opportunity for those requiring more significant help.


  • Offers an attractive, relaxing, and stress free environment where service members can digress from life stressors while learning and sharing personal experiences.


  • Offers immediate employment opportunity for many transitioning service-members.


  • Assist clients with employment search and personal development opportunities.


  • Function as a viable resource for health providers, commanders, and key leaders to service members they deem needs time away from company to refocus.


  • Establish a resource for senior leaders, mid-level and junior service members as well as for medical health and behavioral health workers.


  • Offers long term client support.





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